This is an experimental server run by Joshua Levy. It is running a collection of micro services which return data useful in role playing games.

You can always goto to get this help message.

Personality Servers: Personalities for NPCs and PCs

Returns a simple personality use in RPG characters.

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Young Thug Micro-Servers: Young Thugs NPCs

The guys hanging around bars, alleys, docks, crime scenes, etc. They are 16-22 years old (0 or 1 terms) and light on skills, but heavy on weapons!

If you're a GM get several thugs, and choose one to use:
If you want a REST interface with a json response, try this:
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Formatting Output

Most (but not all) of the micro-services support the following formats, which you can set by adding "?format=htmlPage" (or whicheer format you want) to the end of your URL.

Prints several results on one web page. Each result is html formatted. This is often the best if you are a GM. You can see several options at a glance, and choose the one you like the most.
Your results, encoded as json, ready for use by other programs. You can think of this as the REST API for the micro-service. Note that the data structure is usually a dictionary, but sometimes list. Each micro-service's help page will more details on that.
Json results, but wrapped in HTML so people can read them more easily.
Results formatted in html; This is similar to Google's old "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Used for testing output, mostly.
Prints one with minimal "plaintext" formatting, so that it looks ok in html.
Plain text. Looks ugly in browsers, but great for cut-n-paste.