The guys hanging around bars, alleys, docks, crime scenes, etc. They are 16-22 years old (0 or 1 terms) and light on skills, but heavy on weapons!

If you're a GM get several thugs, and choose one to use:
If you want a REST interface with a json response, try this:
To see this page again:

The following format varibles are supprted:

Results formatted in html; best for human viewing.
Plain text. Looks ugly in browsers, but great for cut-n-paste.
The same as text, but formatted so that it looks ok in html.
Your results, encoded as a list, ready for use by other programs. You can think of this as the REST API for a personality service.
Json results, but wrapped in HTML so people can read them more easily.

My Reuqest To Users

Please send me feedback on the personality traits this web page gives you! You can send email to publicjoshualevy at g mail dot com, or send a private message to joshualevy on the CoTI software forum here:

Advice On Using This Website

If you are a Game Master and want some young thugs, I would run the following command, and then choose asmany as you want. Rerun the command if you need more:

If a thug looks good, but has one bad personality trait, or one bad skill, or one bad anything, just remove it. Or replace it with something different.